5 Minutes with Bella

Please introduce yourself:
Hey! I’m Bella nice to meet you all.

You can find me at: 
Hanging out with friends, going to my favourite bar Siglo in Melbourne for a cocktail, eating at my favourite restaurant Entrecote or traveling in Italy.

Currently reading/ listening to/ watching? 
I'm currently reading Shoe Dog, by the creator of Nike (Phil Knight)

Three word to describe your personal style:
Relaxed, chic or glamours.

Top 3 wardrobe essentials?
Blazer, boots, fitted jeans.

Have you always wanted to work in fashion?
I love the ability to be creative in fashion. The talent in fashion inspire me... fashion is a way of expression, and it's rewarding being a part of a team’s vision.

Summer or winter? Summer 100%.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
To be lockdown free. Seeing my friends, appreciating the little things such as eating out or relaxing on the beach. Being in nature and feeling the positive effects of the sunshine internally.  

Favourite thing to cook/ eat?
I love baking! My favourite thing to bake is a recipe from Italy, it’s a chocolate flourless cake. It's perfection.

Kinney ethos is for a sustainable future in fashion. What does sustainable fashion mean to you?
Sustainable fashion to me means being transparent about the supply chain. To me it also means giving back to the community.

Do you have a wellness routine?
I don’t have a formal one. However in regards to a routine, I believe it's crucial in order to feel productive and to have a sense of purpose. My routine consists of getting up at 7am, doing some form of exercise and sitting at my desk before 9am to answer emails. I'm currently working on a project that I will be launching next year! Stay tuned.

I am most happiest when..
I am with my family or friends. I think the last two years in lockdown has reminded us all to slow down and understand what’s really important.


xx Bella